Alisha Devani (Bio)

Alisha Devani


Alisha is a graduate student in the MAIH program with English Literature at TWU. She is originally from India and her family moved to Africa recently. Before coming to Trinity, Alisha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from India. She also taught ESL and English literature as a freelancer in India. Her hobbies include reading, writing poems and creative non-fiction. She also enjoys painting, doing henna, making chai, and sketching. Being a trilingual and having lived in 3 continents, she understands the challenges that come with being in a new academic environment and trying to evolve in it. Writing correctly structured and compelling papers becomes a time-consuming and crucial task while at a University, especially for international or multilingual students. She wants to help students achieve this so that they can express their ideas in the right way and get the best out of their time at Trinity.   


Academic Interests