Amir Kaveh (Bio)

Amir Kaveh was born and raised in Iran, is of Persian and Turkish descent, and now resides in Coquitlam. He was brought up multi-lingual, being exposed to numerous languages such as Persian, Azeri, Turkish, English, French, and Arabic. He received his BA in English at the Islamic Azad University and is pursuing his MA in Educational Leadership at Trinity Western University. Having worked as an IELTS – International English language testing system – mock examiner for almost seven years, he hopes to help TWU students with paraphrasing, task response, cohesion & coherence, formatting, grammatical range, lexical resources, and academic honesty. In addition, learning different languages arouses Amir’s interest, and he plans to become a polyglot in the long run.



•     Essay writing

•     Academic writing

•     Teaching English as a second language


•     Learning different languages

•     Reading

•     Soccer