Arden Medina

Arden’s Reflection

Arden Medina

December 11, 2020

Working at the Writing Centre has been such an enjoyable experience this semester. I never saw myself working for the Learning Commons or the Writing Centre but after meeting Emily in one of our LING classes, her kind words were so encouraging and made me excited to be part of this team. I have always loved helping people and I have done some tutoring in the past, but never on a post-secondary/university level so I must admit, I was a bit intimidated coming into this but I am really happy I tried it out. Especially during these crazy times, it was refreshing to have something to do instead of school work that was productive, while also getting paid a bit for it haha! This job opportunity allowed me to learn a lot about what it means to guide students towards success and I am thankful for everything that I have learned.  

One of the most eye opening things I learned while working for the Writing Centre this semester was just how many students throughout all of TWU that we were able to help out. I worked with such a wide range of students at different stages of their writing and schooling journeys; from first year English students to Masters’ Nursing students. I will say, it was a bit intimidating, but when it really came down to it, I learned that the learning process is neverending. Everyone needs a bit of support throughout their schooling journeys and that also includes the writing process. Whether it be through brainstorming or just doing last minute read overs, it was a great learning opportunity for me to work with more students. We all need support no matter how long we have been in school or how many papers we write, and I am happy I was able to be of help to several students throughout this extra busy semester.  

I also really enjoyed being able to utilize information that I have learned throughout my time as an undergrad into my work. Being an education major and taking several linguistics courses, it has been an exciting experience being able to transfer the knowledge I have learned and apply it to my work. For example, I have used several linguistics skills from my TESOL courses to help with explaining grammar tenses to students. As well, just being able to work one on one with students and help with whatever they need has allowed me to really ground myself and help the student in the moment. I also have seen myself be more confident in my explaining and overall teaching skills while working in the Writing Centre. I remember being quite intimidated to work with graduate students especially. However, I have been able to gain more confidence by working with so many students and this will definitely be a learning experience that I will continue to carry with me.  

Working in the Writing Center this semester has taught me a lot about the importance of guiding and that seeking help is always a beneficial thing. Even as working as a writing tutor, I found myself asking for help a lot of the time and being helped tenfold. The Writing Center and Learning Commons environments are so encouraging and only want the best for all students. It is so welcoming and I would highly encourage any student who needs some support to come and experience all the different resources it has to offer. I am very grateful to have been working for the Writing Center this semester and being part of such a friendly community for students helping students.  

This is also just a side note for Emily but she is one of the best bosses ever! She is so welcoming and understanding and having weekly check in meetings with her have been very encouraging.