Chloe Heuchert

Chloe’s Reflection

Chloe Heuchert

December 11, 2020

My first semester as a writing tutor was a humbling and transparent experience overall. During my undergrad, I fell in love with writing since history was my major. Discussing historical events while analyzing texts helped my writing become stronger. I wanted to become a writing tutor since I enjoy helping and teaching others who might need extra assistance. As soon as I had my first appointment, I knew I was in the appropriate job for myself. Seeing the utter joy from students faces when I helped them made me feel great knowing I was giving back in a positive way.  I got to tutor a class I took seven years ago during my undergrad. Re-building connections with professor Cavalli was one of the main highlights. He was very supportive and easily reachable whenever I had a concern or question. He would give me kind compliments to students that he was emailing back about their assignments. Knowing I was going above and beyond for those students built our correspondence as well. Another aspect I enjoyed was getting some history students. I had an undergraduate want me to assist with a journal he wrote for a university. He was doubting himself but wanted his history to be seen in a comprehensive and professional light. I had a few appointments with him and each time I kept being amazed and encouraged him to pursue it further. This is the form of encouragement he needed and I could see his confidence grow.  

A student I had in Cavalli’s class is yet another example of growth and determination. She was having troubles with a unit within English 103. She sent a few revised drafts to him but had extensive things to fix. I went through each correction with her and the last version she sent in was accepted by the prof. He said she made extensive improvement and was happy with how I assisted her. She later told me she received an A because I helped her. This really touched me since I assisted someone develop their writing skills. I had numerous students within the class come back to me multiple times during the semester. I really enjoyed how some would make appointments 2-3 times per week. This made me feel as if I was helping them succeed in the class. Through assisting with their writing, I also felt like a mentor since I had taken the class and knew of its challenges and difficulties. I would give students extra tips and overall advice on how to succeed in the course.  

I feel this semester was very successful since I helped so many students succeed. It is also nice being a graduate student since I can give extra tips along the way. Having completed my undergrad at Trinity gave me an advantage as well. Knowing a good percentage of the professors, I knew what they would be expecting academically. With this, I could assist the students and give them the best advice possible. I cannot wait to continue as a tutor and hopefully one day a professor.