Divyasri Chakraborty (Bio)

Divyasri Chakraborty


Divyasri (Divs) is a second-year graduate student in the Counselling Psychology program at TWU. Divs understands the value of words as a therapist in training and aspiring researcher. Words, in her opinion, have a lot of power. It is a true gift to be able to write in a way that expresses the passion and intent behind words. She aims to encourage students to be courageous in expressing their ideas and opinions through their writing. She understands the challenges of academic writing and wants to help students feel confident in their ability to communicate effectively through their writing. She specializes in brainstorming for research projects, reflective essays, annotated bibliographies, and APA paper formatting.

Divs enjoys art and literature and loves connecting with people one on one. She is fluent in five languages, including English and French, and she adores learning about different cultures!


Academic Interests