Jin Jin (Bio)

Jin Jin


Jin was born and grew up in Beijing, China. She immigrated with her family to the United States when she was 15. She graduated with double bachelor’s degrees in Neurobiology and Russian Language and Literature from University of California–Berkeley. Hoping to put her learning of science and humanities into application, she pursued a career in nursing shortly after graduating from UC Berkeley and obtained a BSN degree at California State University–Fullerton. Jin is a licensed RN and has been practicing at University of Southern California Keck Medicine before moving to Langley in Fall 2021. She is a graduate student in Linguistics/Translation at CanIL. Working and thriving in an academic setting is something Jin very much enjoys, and she believes that she can offer encouragements and tips for students to succeed in their learning. The integration of knowledge to real-life application is a life-long process, and Jin is grateful for the opportunity to journey and grow together with students at TWU.


Academic Interests