Lael Louw (Bio)

Lael Louw


Lael Louw is a 2nd Year student at Trinity Western University studying Psychology and Human Services. In the future Lael hopes to attain a MA in Counselling Psychology. Lael immigrated to Canada from South Africa in 2009 and is fluent in Afrikaans, German, and English. As a result of her immigration experience, she has an immense amount of compassion for the challenge of adapting to both a new language and a new culture. Lael is passionate about developing excellence in writing and rhetoric (APA, MLA, & Chicago). In particular, she loves helping students through the struggles of poetry analysis. In her spare time, Lael loves to spend time outdoors backpacking in the mountains, developing her relationship with Christ, working with horses, reading poetry, and dabbling with writing. Lael hopes to empower students to become confident writers skilled in the art of intellectual communication.


Academic Interests