Quick Start Guide: How to Use an Apostrophe


Welcome to the Learning Commons Quick Start Guide on how to master the use of Apostrophes!

While a small piece of punctuation, apostrophes have the power to shorten sentences and change the meaning of the ideas. This Guide will explain:

  • What are apostrophes
  • When to use apostrophes
  • When not use apostrophes
Course Information

Course Level: Beginner

Time to Complete: <10 mins

Perfect for: Students in WRTG100/101, ENGL103, or anyone who needs a refresher.

Guide Creator: Emily Keery

Apostrophes 101

This video introduces the main uses of apostrophes:

  • Possessives (ownership or belonging)
  • Contraction (omission of letters).
  • Plurals

In this mini-course we explore this in more detail:

  1. Possessives
  2. Dates and Plurals of Lowercase Letters
  3. Omission of Letters
  4. Wrap-Up

Additional Resources

See the below list of handouts and links for additional support.


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