Quick Start Guide: Parallelism


Welcome to the Learning Commons Quick Start Guide on parallelism!

When writing about any topic, structuring your argument well is essential to communicating your point. Using parallelism in your writing helps to strengthen your argument structure by representing consistent structure at the sentence level. Parallelism is especially important in writing thesis statements because the structure of your thesis statement serves as a template for the structure of your entire paper.

This guide will explain:

  • How to identify sentences that violate parallelism
  • How to make elements of a sentence parallel
Course Information

Course Level: Beginner

Time to Complete: <10 mins

Perfect for: Students in WRTG100/101, ENGL103, or anyone who needs a refresher.

Guide Creator: Andrew Johnson

Parallelism 101

This video introduces the main uses of parallelism:

  • why we want to use parallelism
  • how to check parallelism
  • how to correct parallelism when it is violated

In this mini-course we explore this in more detail:

  1. Parallel Lists
  2. Parallel Predicates
  3. Parallel Comparatives
  4. Wrap-Up

Additional Resources

Below are some great links to follow if you want to read more on parallelism:

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