Quick Start Guide: Subject-Verb Agreement


Welcome to the Learning Commons Quick Start Guide on subject-verb agreement!

Although subject-verb agreement is a critical part of using proper grammar and writing correct English, it can be difficult to tell when it is missing, especially for those who did not learn English as their first language. In English, subject-verb agreement involves selecting the proper singular verb to use with certain kinds of singular subjects.

This guide will explain:

  • which verb form to use in an independent clause
  • which verb form to use with certain pronouns
  • which verb form to use when prepositional phrases are introduced
Course Information

Course Level: Beginner

Time to Complete: <10 mins

Perfect for: Students in WRTG100/101, ENGL103, or anyone who needs a refresher.

Guide Creator: Andrew Johnson

Agreement 101

This video introduces the main occurrences of subject-verb agreement:

  • Singular noun subject with a present tense verb
  • Pronoun subject with a present tense verb

In this mini-course we explore this in more detail:

  1. Agreement in Independent Clauses
  2. Agreement with a Pronoun Subject
  3. Agreement around Prepositional Phrases
  4. Wrap-Up