Shrawani Sen (Bio)

Shrawani Sen

Shrawani is pursuing her MATESOL at TWU and hails from Pune, India. She is a B.Sc. (Zoology) graduate with an MBA in Marketing from the University of Pune and an M.Sc. in Education from the University of Edinburgh. Shrawani relates strongly with the difficulty one faces to come back to rigorous academic courses after taking breaks from well-established professional careers and she is keen on working with students who face the same dilemma. A certified NLP coach, she can extend constructive help required related to time and stress management and boost learning strategies to her young peers. She believes in interactions to create scaffolding for fellow students to succeed in the task at hand and learn with them. Cooking, poetry writing, long walks, and meditations keep her occupied during her leisure times.

  • Why do you enjoy working as a writing coach? It allows me to meet you! I believe that academic writing can be daunting when you are skeptical of the road ahead. That’s where I act as a guide. This role helps me meet students from different countries, cultures, and languages who discuss their ideas for the paper. It always helps me gain a broader, newer perspective on an assignment and individual critical thought processes. I truly enjoy brainstorming, editing, and the laughter I share with you once you submit your work (after our initial meetings contemplating how we can survive the academic endeavors!). I enjoy the challenge, the discussion, the planning, and the execution with you as you move on in your academic journey at TWU. 
  • Why students should book an appointment with you?I can act as the reader and editor for your assignment before you are ready to submit it. We can work together to check if the assignment prompts are being answered, if there is breadth and depth in your argument, does the perspective cover all angles. Additionally, my expertise as a writing coach comes in handy for brainstorming, outlining, ensuring APA formatting (including citation and reference checks), paragraph and sentence structures, academic word choices, cohesion, and clarity.