Writing research shows that writing is a process, but it is not always a smooth one. It is recursive—looping back and forth between stages. Generally, you start with some brainstorming and research, then draft and revise, and, finally, edit for grammar and citations styles. Here are some links and handouts to help you along the way.

Here you’ll find links to resources that will help with understanding the assignment, brainstorming, and outlining different kinds of papers as well as dealing with writing anxiety.

Here you’ll find resources for finding and evaluating sources, documenting your findings, and avoiding plagiarism.

Here you’ll find resources for structuring papers, forming arguments, and completing drafts.

Here you’ll find resources for editing your papers including grammar, sentence structure, and conciseness.

Here you’ll find resources for perfecting your citation style, no matter which style you are using.

Here you’ll find resources that have been prepared by TWU staff. Each also appears in the appropriate section above.